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Dehydrated Pineapple

cúrate’s organic dehydrated pineapple is harvested at their peak, dried at a perfect temperature to craft tits refined taste of sweet and tart. Isn’t it great that you get to now enjoy this juicy and delicious fruit, yet skipping the labourous task of peeling, and slicing this rather “difficult” fruit where every slice feels tasty at every bite! That’s why we feel the best way to enjoy this snack, is to eat it as it is – plain!

On the occasion that one may sometimes choose to add a spark or two, our dehydrated pineapples can serve as an all natural delicious garnish to your cocktail gin or water!

Benefits: High in fibre and vitamin C, they are naturally sweet with no added sugar,  preservatives or additives, unsulfured

Ingredient: 100% Queen Pineapple

Country of Origin: Vietnam

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