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Dehydrated Mango

Hold them in your hand , put these soft textured mangoes into your mouth – and you will search no more. Our organic dehydrated mangoes will soon be top of your list as a family favourite. Naturally sweet & tangy in taste and buttery in texture, it is also a “mess-free” healthy snack. Enjoy them on the go - don’t get too addicted ; though it may be hard to keep your kids away from them. You can also add them to anything from sweet or savoury dishes, sprinkling on salads and even blend them into baby food!

Extremely nutritious and long lasting , and also easy to store. It is found that a piece of dehydrated mango is as nutritious as eating the whole fruit on its own!

Benefits: High in fibre and vitamin C, they are naturally sweet with no added sugar,  preservatives or additives, unsulfured

Ingredient: 100% Mango

Country of Origin: Vietnam

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