About the brand

At the core of this brand we are facing up to the fundamental issues facing every person. That the health or our own minds, bodies and planet can be cared for in the simple choices we make.

When we reach for a snack or a drink, How can these simple, everyday choices reflect our deepest intentions to make a positive difference?

This principle is in our name – cúrate

Our core beliefs

Our core beliefs

Our core beliefs

  • Nutrition is Key

    As curators of healthy snacks & drinks, we have your wellness in mind. With natural ingredients & a truthful approach as our core focus, we’re confident we’ve made your next  kombucha, nuts & dried fruits or snack that’s actually good for you. All our products have a high source of protein, fibre, antioxidants and gut-friendly nutrients.

  • Health is for everyone

    We believe that health and wellness can be made easy and simple by starting with just the way we snack or drink. We truly believe that good health is not just for those who can afford it but it can be integrated daily into our lives. We aim to impress with our quality products that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle.

  • Commitment to Quality

    cúrate’s commitment to taste, quality and all things natural is unique. We launched curate with the intention of the products being of great quality, responsibly sourced, with no additives or preservatives, premium quality ingredients and affordable to all.

  • Sustainability

    The state of the planet and the damage we’ve inflicted on it is something that troubles us. We at curate have taken this sentiment and made it a core value of our brand by ensuring that all of our products have been curated, grown and produced responsibly and ethically. Our packaging uses mainly unbleached brown kraft paper and boxes, recyclable plastics, and reusable glass jars for our kombuchas.

  • Gifting with love

    We want to provide the kind of products that will be gifted with pure and honest intentions. This is why we believe our gift boxes, combo packs and corporate packages are ideal for any special event and occasion. By offering Custom Orders we’re giving you the choice to create your own statement and tailor your package to speak directly to the ones you love and care most about. Just reach out to us and we’ll help to make your occasion more memorable.

Our Story

We are three founders at curate, who wanted to build a business that could help bring about some of the changes we wanted to see in the world. A healthier world - both for the people that live in it, and the environment itself. This fire & desire to provide a service or products that promote healthier living in the community is what led us to come together to start curate.

Equipped with only this passion and a lot of coffee chats in Joo Chiat cafes (where we are located now) is how the concept of curate came to life. We realised that eating well can have an impact on our moods, emotional state and outlook at any given moment & has the ability to brighten up ones attitude anytime. Our mental balance and energy levels are quite directly dictated by the nutritional content we’ve directly consumed each day. More and more people are waking up to this fact every day.

Hence, we made it our mission to provide health-conscious, nutritionally beneficial snacks & drinks that are based on honest goodness and loving care!