As founders at cúrate, we are passionate about living this core brand value of sustainability everyday, and in multiple aspects of our business. We want to uphold this value not because it's trendy or sheds light on our brand in a good way, but because we want our business to impact the earth positively. 

 Some ways in which we represent sustainability at cúrate

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

    We opt for unbleached brown kraft papers and boxes for shipping and recyclable plastic packaging for our nuts & dried fruits.

  • Usage of Glass Bottles

    At cúrate, we have intentionally chosen reusing over recycling in our effort to lower the carbon footprint of our brand.

  • Sustainable Ingredients

    At cúrate, we ensure that all of our products have been curated, grown and produced responsibly and ethically.

Offer*: For every bottle you return to us (with cap), we offer $0.50 off on your next purchase with us.

Join us in this collaborative sustainability effort by dropping off your Kombucha glass bottles at our shop or give us a call to explore options!

Help us curate a cleaner, greener, better future for you and the planet! 

**terms & conditions apply.